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It all started on my grill…

Any meat cooked over fire always tastes better but I wanted more flavor. I had been trying my hand at different recipes for rubs and it just wasn’t happening. Then I decided to try good old fashioned sugar in a rub I had been fooling with. After a few tries I had it! The rub really started to bring out the flavors in the meat.

So now I have the rub…What’s next? Sauce!

A sweet sauce with some heat. So after fooling with recipes a bit, BOOM goes the dynamite… the sauce was born. It’s just the right amount of sweet with some heat to balance it all out. When I used it with the rub I knew I had it. So try some of our Rub and Sauce and you’ll see what we already know.

It’s Good...Cause I said so.

Butcher Block

Bloomingdale, GA

Dan Bearden
Atlanta/Cumming, GA

Smith Bros. Butcher Shop

Savannah, GA

Leonard’s Farmers Market
Cumming, GA

The Salt Table
Savannah, GA

Smoke & Bones Woodshed
Rincon, GA

Wilkes Meat Market
Cumming, GA